Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Online Income Earning Experiment

So far, it's been a month since I really started concentrating on ways to make income on the internet. I am really happy with the results. Let me elaborate on my expectations.

My goals are to replace my previous income with income I can earn on the internet. I have been researching many sites that people have directed me to and so far, I have received payments to my paypal. At this end of this month, I will reveal the amounts I made from each site. I may give screenshots of my paypal and the sites, only where allowed by TOS. The google adsense payment will be on the paypal, but as you all know I can't reveal too much of that information.

The sites I have been using include:
1. a marketing site.
2. a site where you answer questions once and the payments accrue.
3. a site that pays you to submit content.
4. google adsense.
5. paid to read sites (using trial offers).
5. affiliate marketing.
6. two new businesses, using mostly online sales.

One of the sites has been more lucrative than anyone has told me and I am happy with the results. This experiment will definitely accelerate the rate at which I will get out of debt and start creating income for an emergency fund and to invest!

I'll be updating this week on an unexpected expense I was faced with. Fortunately with these new income opportunities, it wasn't such a detrimental financial blow.

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