Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How To Shop At The Mall, But Pay LESS!

Yes, you can shop at the mall and get better deals than those on ebay. How do you think those people sell new merchandise for so little? I know how. My sister bought me a All-In-One (scanner, printer, copier, fax machine) for Christmas because she believes I can become rich just selling on ebay. My family marvels at my shopping skills and they love to accompany me because I find the sales and make my own! My children and I love brand name clothing and I buy them what they like, but I don't pay full price. How do I do it? Let me teach you the secrets.

All the sales are at your fingertips with the internet. I love the internet. It makes saving money on purchases sooooo easy. As long as you have a printer, you can always make your own sale! Let me tell you what happened last week. My kids wanted sneakers. The brands they like are pretty expensive. I have a Winner's Circle FinishLine card for frequent shopeers and they had mailed me a coupon for $20.00 off a $20.00 purchase and another for $10.00 off a $60.00 purchase. (Ok, so you're thinking...I don't have a frequent shopper card?!) If you don't have a frequent shopper card or a coupon you can go to the store's web site and print one up. Here is the Finishline site. If you look on the bottom of the site you will find the image that says Instore Coupon. Print it and use it in the store. You just made your own sale! If the coupon allows you to purchase merchandise that's on sale or clearance, you can end up getting it for free or for very little money. Let me give you an example, I went to Finishline with my kids. The pink Timberland boots (for girls of course!) were on sale for $29.99. I had a coupon for $20.00 off a $20.00 purchase. My final price for the boots was $9.99 plus tax!

Many stores have web sites that have coupons you can print and use at the store. Another way that you can get a coupon is by signing up to your favorite store's email list found on their web site. You will always get prior notification of sales events, offers such as 20% off a purchase and coupons by email and snail mail.

Just to prove my point, here are some of the coupons I use as well as some links to sites that give you coupons to sign up for their email list:
Old Navy
The Picture People

Another way I get coupons and certificates is from the store credit cards. If you have an Old Navy card, Express Card, JCPenney card or any other store, then check your mail. They often send postcards, sale catalogs, and other mailings with coupons and/or certificates right to your home. JCPenney always sneds me two $10.00 certificates good on a $10.00 purchase for Mother's Day and another one on my birthday! The coupon can be used on any purchase, so I usually look for something that is little more than $10.00 so that I pay very little for it. For example, I usually buy several packs of socks or tshirts for my kids. The final cost is usually less then $2.00! Sears is another one that sends these coupons, but they are usually in the inside over of the catalog they send to your home. Most people just toss it and never realize they could have gotten something FOR FREE!!!

I have never read any blog entries that actually EXPLAINED how to shop for name brands and pay less. I have taught my sisters and my kids this savvy shopping tip and they love it. Yes, there are clearance racks, sales, vintage (used clothing) stores and ebay, but paying almost nothing for your purchases in the actual stores? Like the commercial says.....Priceless!!!!!!!

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