Thursday, April 13, 2006

You won't believe these deals!

Yesterday, I came across these unbelievable deals on magazines! Let me give you a little background.

My daughter started a fan site for her favorite group. It's called B5faNsiTe and it has just found it's way to the first page on Google ( and several other search engines). We discussed putting some affiliate links on the blog that pertained to the content. Magazines were one of the products that we agreed on (since most of the readers are teens). That's when I came across these deals. *I am sharing this information for those people that like to subscribe to magazines because these are definitely rockbottom prices. I am not trying to get anyone to buy something they don't want. I am providing this information as a service for those that are interested in bargains/deals/sales.*

They offer a business package that includes a year's subscription to:
1. Entrepreneur
2. Inc.
3. Fast company
The total price for all 3 mags is $10.99!

They also offer:
1. CG (a year's sub.) for less than $4.00
2. Jane (a year's sub.) for $4.95
3. Allure (a year's sub.) for $4.16
4. Cargo and Wired (a year's sub)for about $6.00 each
There are many, many more magazines available for less than $5.00!

Here are the coupon codes that are necessary for some checkouts.

Here's a link to Cargo magazine:

I hope you enjoy bargains as much as I do!

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