Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How I deal with SPAM!

I got this internet scam email today. I don't like spam, but these emails that are sent for "phishing purposes" really upset me. I got this one today:

Alexa Norman wrote:
(insert my name here),

I am the customer support agent responsible for clients in Westtown, New York. My branch manager has just notified me that you may be eligible for our preferred client rates. Our application process takes less than a minute, and is secured with industry standard technology to keep your information safe.

Fill out our form to apply now.

I decided to reply. I sent them this:

Subject: Re: I need your application

Are you interested in prime real estate in NY? A bridge to be specific....The Brookln Bridge?

Didn't think so...

Don't email me again or I wil be forwarding this email to a friend I have on special NYC taskforce that handles internet scams and sexual predators.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Thought I'd share a laugh with you today...

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