Thursday, April 27, 2006

Free Samples of 12 Products And More!

Here are many, many FREE SAMPLES of different products. Let me explain why this is important to getting out of debt. Most of you know that I have 7 kids. The four oldest are teens and they consume a lot of food, dental products, personal hygiene products, hair styling products, razors...etc. You get the picture. So, I decided there had to be a way I could save money on all those products. As you can see, I spent some time on the internet and these are just a FEW of the FREE samples I came across. Remember, when you save money on these products-earmark the money to pay off the debt, invest or save in the college fund. There are a lot of products here.

Now go fill out the registration forms and get YOUR FREE STUFF!!!!

1. Get Many FREE Samples of Olay Products!!!

2. Feminine Hygiene Product Sample:Tampax Pearl

3. This is an original promotion. You send a friend a free ecard form American Greetings and you get a $7.00 coupon for CREST Whitestrips!

4. Fill out the registration form and receive a FREE FIBER Starter Kit from METAMUCIL!

5. Free Olay Body Products including body lotion and hand cream!

6. FREE sample of COVERGIRL foundation!

7. Get a Head And Shoulders Free sample and $1.00 off first purchase!

8. Receive $20.00 worth of coupons for Febreze products!

9. Free samples for teens and young adult women from!

10. Buy Venus Vibrance Shaver, fill out this official online rebate certificate and get up to $12.00 back!

11. Free sample of Jovan Musk for Women!

12. Fructis has 3 separate free product samples. You have to sign up for each individually, but once you fill in the first one the second and third are partially filled out! After you sign up for each offer, you get two free shampoos and one hair styling product!

13. A FREE sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's NEW fragrance! I can't wait to get that one!

14. A FREE sample pack of POST-IT PICTURE PAPER! My 4 yr. old is going to love that!!!

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Anonymous said...

i hope this works for you. if you get enough biz, you could make some good revenue through links ... but you probably thought of that.

when i get my act together, i'll post a link to your blog. your kids may be in grad school by then ... :)

Kevin Surbaugh said...

I have used Vista Print and though they say free business cards, you pay for shipping and if you change any of the fields "customize" the ends up costing the same as regular printers or a little more.

- Kevin S.