Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Checking Out The Money Making Sites (Helium Knolwedge)

You know that I am always checking out the money making sites to give you a review. My sole purpose in researching these work from home opportunities is to make money to pay off the debt. Here is one that was brought to my attention by a fellow bloggerparty member named Ms. Zola (thanks)! This site is great because once you take action (in writing an answer)it becomes passive income, much like google adsense.

Here is what it entails:
1. You sign up.
2. You answer questions.
3. Every time the answers are viewed, (which will happen because of the way the system is set up), you get paid.
4. You can submit questions, but you must also submit the answer.
5. They list the highest paying questions on the front page, so you can answer all of those and you make passive income. In other words, your answers are being viewed and rated by other members when they answer a question, so you are always collecting $$$. Even when you are sleeping! You know I love that! My 7 kids are very expensive. They are even consuming income when they are sleeping! LOL!!!

The minimum payment is $25.00. They pay by check or paypal. There are people there that have already collected over $160.00 in two months for very little effort.

The Strategy To Make The Most Money:
This information was given by two members that state they have already collected monthly checks for $30.00 and $60.00. One stated that it pays their phone bill! LOL!
1. One member answers 4 top paying questions everyday. This might take twenty minutes depending on how many answers you have to rate (remember the that's how you make money).
2. The other member stated she answers four top paying questions a day and makes $60.00.
3. If you create a question and then answer it, you will get even more reads because every person that answers it has to read your answer!

So, that's another way to make some quick money! I know you will enjoy it! I will be reporting on two other sites I found for some passive income and another writing site. I have to go take my kids to the mall, so I'll post that tonight or tomorrow. So, stay tuned!!!

Here's the link. Read my answers (username supermom), read the TOS and join. It's quicker than the google adsense and if you use the same username, you might be able to post on the forum and get more traffic here!

Here is an example of a question you can find on Helium Knowledge that is based on opinion. Read it and see how it easy it can be to answer questions and make a passive income!


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