Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogexplosion Staff Dizzy With Power?

A funny little thing happened today. I have been with blogexplosion since I started blogging. I found the link on the first blog I ever read called Well, I started with one blog and then I started a separate blog because I wanted to keep the first blog centered around the topic of my life with my 7 kids and my 4 yr old's autism. The personal finance blog came about because I got sick of being being in debt.

I had created two banners for my other blog, so I decided to create a banner for this blog a few months ago. After doing so, I was told by Blogexplosion that it was rejected because they don't endorse biz opps. Yes that's what they said. Now, there are banners there on constant rotation announcing web design, home businesses and templates for sale. I sent them a reply stating this fact. Someone called Jeff (staff) sent me an email back telling me he made the final decision and that's that. He felt the banner was a biz opp and that my Getting Out Of Debt blog is full of ads and he is banning it, (sounds ike he got upset that I stated the obvious). Geez, how dare I speak my mind. So, he took my blog off blogexplosion just like that. Pretty funny, some people get a little power and they act like Saddam. So what? So, now he can laugh because he had his ultimate revenge? Why haven't they banned all the many, many bloggers that have adult content? What about the blogs full of profanity and blatant ads for paypal donations? There are people begging for money, stringing affiliate links and google adsense all over their blog pages, so much so the content is buried.

You tell me. Does this look like a link that is a blatant "biz opp" banner?

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This was the first one they rejected:
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They sent the reply on a template that states that you cannot copy the information or repost it. It is completely confidential. I copied it of course. One day soon, the tables will turn (because that's how life works) and he will regret the day he had his little SISSY FIT! (NO, THAT WASN'T A TYPING ERROR!)

Honestly, what do you think?


Anji said...

Last week blogger closed down my Affili What? site so I understand how you feel. They say that I am a spammer! I checked out thir rules (quite hard to find in fact)just to make sure I was allowed to put ads on the blog and I understand that's fine but I'm responsable for any problems with them. I must say I thought that your blog was more of a service to other bloggers with all the useful info on it. Lots of us have ads on our blogs.

I think it depends who happens to be incharge of the destruction button on the day we get 'caught'. I've noticed this with google AdWords too, some of my ads scrape through which shouldn't and other people's ads have errors which should get picked up.

As we know, Blogexplosion is changing hands in the near future, pehaps you could sit it out and rejoin?

There's always Blogmad!

supermom_in_ny said...

Blogmad? Hhhm..that's one I don't remember trying out. Thanks for the info. and the compliment. By the way, I have some affiliate networks that I am using-let me know if you are interested...

Enjoy your day!