Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Operation Debt Pay Off Day One

Yesterday was day one of OPERATION DEBT PAY OFF! What did I do? I will share that with you.

1. Wrapped all the coins that I had saved in a large container. (By the way, my children contributed $60.00 of wrapped coins they had. It has become a family mission.) The total was $234.50.
2. Took some of the bottles that were in the basement waiting for me to be redeemed. I had been procrastinating due to the weather. Yesterday turned out to be a bad choice to do this. It was reaaly, really cold. The total was $4.95.
3. Returned items that I purchased and later didn't need (home improvement project) and that totaled $30.00.

The grand total was $269.45. I put $50.00 towards the Walmart card, %20.00 towrads the Filene's card and PAID OFF the Target card $189.04. Yeah ME!!

So, that was day one. Today is day two. Just wait until I tell you about today's adventure.

I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to get out of debt and use every means possible!!

Stay tuned for Day Two of Operation Debt Pay Off!

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Anji said...

Congratulations! looking forward to reading about your progress.