Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Credit Cards and My 18 Year Affair Part II

Looking back at the years I spent shopping with my family, I realized something. In some families all the members suffer from obesity because their lives revolve around eating. In my family, we were financially unhealthy because many of our bonding took place during shopping sprees and the use of credit cards. Funny, we always used what we purchased and I NEVER paid full price, but that was irrevelant if I carried a balance. And guess what? I often did.

As it always happens with addicts, a person doesn't make life changing decisions until THE PAIN OUTWEIGHS THE PLEASURE. When my first child was born, I wanted to stay home. Unfortunately, I couldn't. I had to pay off the debt that I owed. So, I made a conscious decision to pay off the debt. I paid it and then I had a crisis in my marriage and we were separated during my second pregnancy.

After struggling with paying off the bills and staying out of debt, the final separation between my husband and I was the biggest financial upheaval yet. After financing a home, a minivan and his business he left. Left me with the kids, no income,the household bills, his cellphone bill and ALL THE CREDIT CARD BILLS he had charged up. I still haven't recovered from that one.

How will I recover? By every means possible. I have automated my life. My bills get paid online so that I don't have to step foot in the mall. I don't meet any friends there to resist any temptations. I find free forms of entertainment as much as possible. (With 7 kids I never have a dull moment.) So, I am exploring other ways on making a passive income including blogging, affiliate marketing and hopefully in the near future cafepress and ebay. (I can't start right away because my car just broke down and I don't have alternate transportation.)

That's my story about my addiction to credit. Am I cured? I don't think so. I still long for the day that I can purchase something and actually have the cash and not have to figure out what isn't going to get paid. I am determined and I will persevere until I am successful. If there is one thing that I am sure of is that I must be one of the most stubborn people walking on this planet and I will be debt free!

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