Monday, December 19, 2005

Free List Of Survey Sites That Pay

Surfing on the net, I became curious about those survey sites that claim to pay you for your opinion. Not having much time, resources and extra money for day care (to get an part time job on top of my full time employment) I decided to sign up and experiment. I'm here to tell you that there are reputable survey sites that pay YOU. They don't pay you those huge amounts of money that the people selling the survey site lists claim, but every little bit helps. If you are focusing on becoming debt free, the money that you make can be applied to debt elimination. I have joined many survey sites and have received payment or prizes from many. The most lucrative has been gozing. I have received several payments from gozing to particpate in surveys. The most I have received from gozing was $20.00 for one survey. (Not bad huh?) They use by paypal.

To maximize your profits from these surveys, you should do the following:
1. Open an email account that you will use just for your survey sites. Make sure you add their address to your email address book. In this way, they will not end up in your bulk folder.
2. Answer all the profiles and surveys they have. This will give them a broader picture of what surveys you will be eligible for.
3. Open a paypal account. It makes it much easier to receive payment.
4. Check your email account frequently. The surveys are closed quickly. If you only check your emails once a week, this may not be for you.

Good luck and have fun!

The first one listed is the site formerly known as Gozing now known as

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